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Blossoms to support Robbie – Sell Out or a return to a golden age?

 The news that Blossoms, the great white hopes of the British Indie/Pop/Rock scene are due to support the nations favourite puppet Robbie Williams this month came as something surprise here at Splashlands. Granted they were always firmly on the mainstream side of leftfield but supporting the fat dancer???? To me Blossoms have everything, a brilliant debut album, killer singles, stunning live shows and to top it off they actually look like a band. Far too many bands these days look like people I would expect to be issuing me with a fine for the late return of my library book or teaching my children Geography. I want my rock stars to look like rock stars thank you, Marc Bolan,...

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2016 - A vintage gig season?

Now that the anti-climax that we laughingly call a UK Summer has drawn to a close and Autumn is upon us, let’s all raise a glass as gig season is finally here!!!! I for one am glad to see the back of the festival season. I realised a long time ago that me and about 90% of the general public have very different ideas on what constitutes entertainment, but seriously,  I mean, spending how many hundred quid in a frantic clamour for tickets to see as yet unknown bands, probably in the rain, almost certainly ankle deep in mud!! Really????

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