2016 - A vintage gig season?

Now that the anti-climax that we laughingly call a UK Summer has drawn to a close and Autumn is upon us, let’s all raise a glass as gig season is finally here!!!!

I for one am glad to see the back of the festival season. I realised a long time ago that me and about 90% of the general public have very different ideas on what constitutes entertainment, but seriously,  I mean, spending how many hundred quid in a frantic clamour for tickets to see as yet unknown bands, probably in the rain, almost certainly ankle deep in mud!! Really????

The last few years have seen a growth in smaller provincial festivals, we have one near me, Bingley Music Live, or “Chavfest” as it is affectionately known, but the line ups for these always seem to mostly be made up of “has beens”, “never will be’s”, “never quite got there’s”

Anyway, I digress……  traditionally this time of year has always been good for catching bands, I think it dates back to the days when students were still given grants and so it was prime time to tour while the main target audience still had a few quid in their pockets. This year has been as good as I can remember, certainly since the heady days of Britpop and so far I have managed to catch…….Blossoms (excellent, reminded me of an early Oasis gig in terms of the crowd reaction), Sleaford Mods, Robyn Hitchcock (don’t ask), Jagwar ma, Hayley Bonar (awesome), Sunflower Bean, Black Honey (one to watch) , Chvrches (Radio City Music Hall no less!!), PJ Harvey and lastly the brilliant Margaret Glaspy. Still to come we have Pixies, Teenage Fanclub and Honeyblood.  There must have been another dozen or so I have had to pass on, Duke Spirit, She Drew The Gun (excellent name!) which to my reckoning makes this a vintage year!!

Not sure if this an effective barometer of the state of the alternative/indie scene or just coincidence that a lot of good bands which I like are touring at the same time but anyway, I hope you are having as much fun as I am!!!!

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